wedding season

For BRIDES, by Jen Glantz. One of the very first things you’ll do after getting engaged is pick the date of your wedding
Wedding season takes a toll on even the most seasoned of us all.
A simple suit can go a long way -- maybe even until death do you part.
Hi there and congrats, all you newly engaged couples! You have just entered one of life's most exciting moments. It's the time when all those childhood daydreams of lacy white gowns and peachy bridal bouquets are turned into reality... it's time to plan your real-life, actual wedding!
Fantastic. You have your drink. People are mingling. Have you tried the crab cakes with that aioli stuff?
Our theme was chic garden party, so while silver and china were prominent, we mixed and matched plates and glassware to keep it from looking too formal for the backyard garden setting.
'Tis the season...for weddings. Yay or nay? Sometimes the last thing we feel like doing is attending a wedding as a single, divorcee. The romance, the dancing, the 'love' in the air is enough to choke the bitterness right out of us.
When it comes to wedding gifts, some couples are strict "registrationists." Going off-registry is simply not allowed. Sometimes
You need a healthy fear of marriage like you need a healthy fear of the ocean," a friend poignantly remarked the other day.
Run for your (social) lives: Wedding season is here. April kicks off the season filled with shrieks and cries from the newly