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I could have written a similar analysis for almost any industry -- from transportation to music, and from healthcare to retail. We are living in a revolutionary time, where technology has changed markets that have been stagnant for decades.
If you're planning vows away from your home base, consider these exciting and unique stationery designs.
Can't afford an Oscar de la Renta wedding gown but still want to include the designer in your Big Day? Now you can! On Wednesday
Patterns are a way to make your invitation that much more memorable, and it's also an inventive way to set the tone for the theme of your wedding.
My husband and I are the worst. We were married on October 6, and we still haven't done one important thing.
Based on personal style and engagement ring design, we hand-picked invitations for some of Hollywood's hottest lovebirds. Here are just a handful of our favorites!
One major change in wedding invitations is the fact that no longer do they just provide the basic information about where and when, given all the different invitation styles, shapes, price ranges and personality, the wedding invitation has taken on a life of its own.
Simply Bridal dug up 10 facts about wedding invitations you didn't even realize you wanted to know. For example: did you
For flowers, stick with tradition and cluster white hydrangeas in cobalt blue vases for a big impact. If you want to take