wedding style

Here come the accessories, all dressed in bride.
Real women give us the scoop on what it takes to be the best-dressed guest.
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A simple suit can go a long way -- maybe even until death do you part.
Don't do a glitter or shimmer bronzer. To get the bridal shot you are looking for, avoid glitter, which could throw off the lighting in your photography. Don't succumb to trends - be original.
If you've been through even ONE family wedding, I bet your jaw is still on the floor because you know what goes into a wedding and you cannot imagine three of them in the same year. Here's how my family survived the year of the weddings.
From the high-collared, frilly gowns of the 1910s to the poofy dresses of the '80s, bridal fashion has evolved through the decades.
Even if you're not getting married at Buckingham Palace, you may still want a modest wedding dress that's appropriate for church or temple.