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Sometimes, technology is a bad thing. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should. That's exactly what went through my mind when I received an email from a public relations company asking me to blog about how wonderful it is that brides and grooms can crowdfund to pay for their weddings now. Are you kidding me?
I often say that I'm glad I got married before I knew anything about weddings and that I hope I stop working with weddings long before my kids get married.
Heart-rate monitors for your walk down the aisle, driver-less cars and 3-D printed desserts are just some of the tech trends you can expect to see in weddings this year.
The global wedding market is now a $300 billion industry. And behind all those silk covered buttons and wedding cupcakes, lies a goldmine of killer apps, wearables and platforms.
What could be better than someone lurking around your wedding guests encouraging them to hashtag all Instas?
How do you know if an Instagram wedding is right for you? It varies from couple to couple, and there are a few pros and cons that each bride and groom need to weigh before sharing a designated hashtag with guests.
As mobile technology continues to become more powerful and accessible, it can provide great opportunities to enhance, share and remember your wedding day. With that easy access though comes the danger of going overboard when it comes to technical bells and whistles.
In an effort to eliminate the need for you to make yet another decision (because it's hard enough already to choose between chocolate or vanilla buttercream... both?), we wanted to highlight our top picks for the tech savvy planner.
It's easier than you think to ruin someone's wedding with just your iPhone.
Picture this: A beautiful bride walks down the aisle. The bride and groom say their romantic vows with happy tears in their eyes. They say 'I do', kiss, and then, while standing at the altar... post to Facebook?
Yapp has not yet announced when the service will be open to the public. It is currently available by invite-only. Put simply
It's no surprise that the Internet has made the wedding planning process a little bit easier for couples everywhere -- with
Over the years, the way a bride accomplishes all of her tasks has evolved, and today she has unlimited access to ideas and resources thanks to new technology platforms that are making weddings easier to plan.
Bride Jamie Wilborn was enthusiastic about her friend's virtual presence, proudly holding the tablet and thanking technology