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In the end, the wedding was beautiful and the bride was surprisingly relaxed and sweet on her wedding day. I got to see the girl I met a year ago, and it was a relief for all us involved in her planning. But, everything in-between certainly made the planning more difficult. And, really? Was it worth it?
"It was a wedding. A woman's day when she will never ever forget. And now she'll never forget it for all the wrong reasons
So, will a wedding planner save you money? Yes! But, probably not the total cost of their fee. But, they will save you a tremendous amount of time (the new money), and all of your sanity... How can you put a price tag on that?
2. What are YOUR priorities? This is you and your significant other's wedding. Nobody else's opinion should really matter
As someone who has worked in the wedding industry with reputable planners, vendors and venues for over ten years, I am often surprised by how the outside world views us. I hear again and again from people who are unfamiliar with our industry that we quote different rates for weddings than we do for other events and even charge more for weddings.
I've stopped apologizing. Seriously. I'm done apologizing for stupid shit. Sure, if I make a mistake or if I owe somebody
Nowadays, it isn't enough to just see someone's work online. You have to really investigate and interview your vendors.
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The bottom line is, there isn't an App for everything. Some things will always require human interaction to achieve the best results. One of those things is assembling a team of vendors for your wedding day, starting with your wedding planner.
You've read the title of this article and thought "Damn, of course they are going to like me. I'm awesome!" Or "I am paying them. It's their job to like me." If you are the later, this one is for you.