Weekend Activities

These DIYs are so fabulously simple, it'll be hard to choose just one.
Summer is an easygoing time and we're not as structured as we are at other times of the year. But it seems to go by as quickly as winter drags on. Poof! It's over and we wonder where it went and mourn the things we never got to do. That's why it's important to me to imagine in advance how I want to remember the season and make a plan to make it happen.
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Remind your inner workaholic that this is important for your career: When you detach from your work over the weekend, you’ll
The weather is going to be glorious this weekend, and there will be lots to do, including Brokechella, which we love for obvious reasons, the LA Times Festival of Books, which is basically our Christmas, and a really random '80s dance party, which needs no caveat.
Today's weekender is for the rest of you who, for whatever reason, decided to opt out of the whole Coachella experience. Luckily, there's no reason to despair at being left behind, as we luckily live in Los Angeles, not Topeka, and there's never a dull moment here.
From March Madness and the Asics L.A. Marathon to three remarkably stimulating visual painting, photography and fashion shows, this upcoming weekend is a great chance to celebrate the multifaceted perks of being an Angeleno.
All you have to do is throw on something green, head to your nearest divey pub, and get your game face on. If we can manage 60+ hour workweeks, we can handle a little marathon partying, no?