weekend update

But as for QAnon, Satan warned: “Don’t drag my good name into your sick fantasies."
McKinnon's Cheney is perplexed by her lack of support. "I am everything a conservative woman is supposed to be: blond, mean," she explained.
"Who's next?" the "Weekend Update" anchor asked when listing some of the congressman's supporters. "The ghost of Jeffrey Epstein?"
Jost thinks Gaetz should hold off on those wedding invitations.
“Things for Asians in this country have been bleak for the past two weeks — and all the weeks before that since forever,” Yang said on "Weekend Update."
The dig on "Weekend Update" sparks complaints, but spotlights the stark vaccine gulf between Israelis and Palestinians.
“This underground cabal ... who’s part of it? How do you get an invite? Is it reservations or open table?" wondered Kate McKinnon.
If “you’re going to impeach a president for anything, don’t you think it’s sending a mob to kill the vice president?” he asked.
The co-head writer of “Saturday Night Live” made a “don't ask, don't tell” joke on “Weekend Update” that many Twitter users found offensive.
Prisons have what white supremacists like, explains Cecily Strong's character: "other white supremacists, drama and chicken fingers."
“I just suggested the military overthrow the government, and look, if that’s not democracy I don’t know what is," said Beck Bennett's Mike Lindell.
And Colin Jost was manipulated into making fun of wife Scarlett Johansson.
The ballots for Joe Biden could actually be "tortillas," McKinnon's Rudy suggested on "SNL's" "Weekend Update."
"We're just singing," Kenan Thompson explained when Colin Jost protested on "Weekend Update."
The rapper accused "Saturday Night Live" of pitting Black people against Black people.
Who knew she was "going to go all Mel Gibson on us?" he asked on "Saturday Night Live."
The election, the pandemic, the future: Don't worry, McKinnon tells her audience. We got dis.
“It’d be like if I were making fun of people who wear belts and then my pants just immediately fell down," noted Michael Che.
Maybe he shouldn't have kissed the flag at CPAC, hints Colin Jost.
Colin Jost couldn't believe Trump attacked Romney at a National Prayer Breakfast for citing his religion for his impeachment trial decision.