weekend update

Musk said in a tweet that West took their talk about antisemitism "to heart." Jost said on "SNL" that he didn't think Musk was the man for the job.
The co-anchors of the "Saturday Night Live" segment didn't hold back while addressing the two Republican candidates' recent scandals.
He thanked “Saturday Night Live” on his final episode for “always having my back and allowing me to work on myself and grow.”
Maybe he should be forced to host an awards show instead, quipped Colin Jost, who co-hosted the Emmys in 2018.
“If the ’90s were right, and 'gay' means 'bad,' then this is the gayest law I have ever seen,” McKinnon concluded.
But as for QAnon, Satan warned: “Don’t drag my good name into your sick fantasies."
McKinnon's Cheney is perplexed by her lack of support. "I am everything a conservative woman is supposed to be: blond, mean," she explained.
"Who's next?" the "Weekend Update" anchor asked when listing some of the congressman's supporters. "The ghost of Jeffrey Epstein?"
Jost thinks Gaetz should hold off on those wedding invitations.
“Things for Asians in this country have been bleak for the past two weeks — and all the weeks before that since forever,” Yang said on "Weekend Update."