The heavier men were, the more persuasive they seemed, a Cornell study found.
"I just love food too much," the author and model said.
The "Superbad" star told Ellen DeGeneres he didn't understand his own worth until making the film.
From the moment I begin my day, until I’m finally asleep again, I swallow so many indignities.
"Stepping out and doing what you believe in is scary, especially when you know your ideas are not welcomed by the majority."
Lots of fat people are healthy. Some fat people are unhealthy. All fat people deserve decency.
"Hey, you don’t have to 'feel thin' to have thin privilege," writer Cora Harrington argues.
Teammates who reportedly saw the scale confirmed the story.
Keep the invasive questions to yourself. 😒
A new study shows people perceive heavier Asian-Americans as more “American” than their thinner counterparts.