"I just love food too much," the author and model said.
The "Superbad" star told Ellen DeGeneres he didn't understand his own worth until making the film.
From the moment I begin my day, until I’m finally asleep again, I swallow so many indignities.
"Stepping out and doing what you believe in is scary, especially when you know your ideas are not welcomed by the majority."
Lots of fat people are healthy. Some fat people are unhealthy. All fat people deserve decency.
"Hey, you don’t have to 'feel thin' to have thin privilege," writer Cora Harrington argues.
Teammates who reportedly saw the scale confirmed the story.
A new study shows people perceive heavier Asian-Americans as more “American” than their thinner counterparts.
The new term could tell you more about your health than the number on the scale. Here, three questions to ask.
These days when I look in the mirror and I notice new signs of life on earth-- a new curve or line here, a new spot there
You don't need to be skinny--you need to be voluminous and curvy with a pretty face.
This is why. Is there a way out? Absolutely! The first step is to become aware of the situation and realize it's reversible
Once you start eating what your body truly wants, the next step is learning when to stop eating. It takes a lot of awareness
Did you know that friendship is actually good for your health? Studies show that friendships can have an overwhelmingly positive
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