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Browder spent years in prison without ever being convicted of a crime.
If Finding Neverland isn't a brilliant musical, it's still an entertaining one, using all sorts of stage legerdemain to entrance an audience looking for good old-fashioned Broadway magic.
The Giver is off the point in 2014. Yes, our current governments aren't good for us. But the answer is not less government and fewer rules. We need strong, independent governments that can be an effective counterweight to the increasing power of corporations.
In writing the track, Tedder strived for universal appeal and resonance, with equal consideration for the film's narrative
The idea that the Weinsteins would get to leaf through the Miramax library was first revealed back in 2010. The Weinstein
Turns out, I knew relatively little of the true story until tonight I discovered it at the Academy when I attended one of the first screenings anywhere of the new docudrama, Mandela Long Walk to Freedom, being released on Thanksgiving Day by the Weinstein Company.
The good news from mostly upbeat panelists was that money is loosening up and the trauma of the global economic collapse seems to be over.
Throughout our history books and daily news headlines alike, it’s easy to spot whom our heroes are in the world. It’s a tale
The Huffington Post: Hey Michael, what’s going on? Michael B. Jordan: I'm actually working out right now [laughs]. I didn’t
Quentin Tarantino arguably made Django Unchained because he wanted to try his hand at a Spaghetti Western, and that's basically what he has done. Alas, the film is little more than a genre exercise, with little more than the obvious role reversals to justify its artistic existence.
I think I can safely say that Django Unchained is ambitious, astonishing and unpredictable film is the best thing that Tarantino has done since Pulp Fiction.
Andrew Dominik's Killing Them Softly has, from a conversational standpoint, one of the finest screenplays of the last few years. It is a relatively low-key crime drama, filled with crusty character actors doing chewy character turns.
But no amount of tricks or experience can prevent every hiccup. For example, footage used in a trailer doesn't always make
Before the opening credits, we can already see why this film has been so phenomenally successful in Europe. It's hard to imagine a more joyful film.
The guests at the Embassy party included New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson, 'Top Chef' host Padma Lakshmi and
Suffice to say, with Jean Dujardin winning the Oscar for his role in The Artist, all eyes are on France now; will they be able to repeat that success with films crossing the pond this year, like Cloclo and The Intouchables
LOS ANGELES — The Weinstein Co. says the rating for the documentary “Bully” has been lowered from R to PG-13. The company