Weird Al Yankovic

Sick of the royal celebrations? Then this one's for you.
If it's the 1980s, there just HAS to be a "Weird Al" reference.
"Weird" explores the life of Yankovic across the last four decades.
National treasure "Weird Al" Yankovic joins Mike live on set.
It starts out like a standard video birthday greeting... then takes an unexpected turn.
America’s leading satirist of popular music and culture has now written his second children's book, "My New Teacher and Me!". "Weird Al" Yankovic joins Mike live on set!
The "Harry Potter" star said that stepping into the role of the legendary parody musician is "a huge responsibility that I don’t take lightly."
"How did they get a hold of our screenplay???" the pop star parodist lightheartedly responded to Stephen Colbert's spoof trailer.
"Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" will explore "every facet" of the actor, comedian and pop music parodist's "incredibly true, unexaggerated story."