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The church's youth pastor, Rev. Wesley Savage, says the 45-minute service is targeted to "a population that would attend
Hueytown police tracked down Torrance, who was wearing the same clothes and shoes as the robbery suspect,
A woman's potty mouth led to her being charged an extra $150 from a towing company that removed her car from an illegal parking spot.
Grandison insists she never did what the towing service claims. But Affordable Towing employees disagree and gave WHNT-TV
Officials say the post office will contact the sender of the gel and instruct him or her on how to properly stuff it in to
Police in Mobile, Ala., say a love triangle-turned-violent ended with a machete attack Monday. Eric McFadden, 51, allegedly
But while he was waiting for a room, he convinced hospital workers to let him go outside for a quick cigarette and, instead
Did you know that 95 percent of the music downloads in the United States are downloaded illegally? Or did you know that an
The lawsuit claims that the sisters have suffered "great mental pain and anguish and emotional distress," because of the
The International Phil Campbell Convention was the brainchild of Brooklyn writer Phil Campbell, who hoped to add another