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Arizona's unexplained lights in the sky have finally been explained.
The woman said she may be a tea drinker from here on out.
An Arizona man suspected of entering a home uninvited and threatening to kill residents had an unwitting and unwilling accomplice
Two camera owners videotape brilliant colored UFO in wilderness near Tucson.
"The scientific evidence of the likelihood of intelligent life in our vicinity has become so overwhelming that the people
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If you're not up to trying your luck trekking into the Superstition Mountains, looking for that still-elusive -- and historically
Check it out yourself by clicking on the live Arizona DOT camera that overlooks the scene. Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us
"What we try to do is set the standard and keep this whole field of UFO research fresh and contemporary," said convention
"I was expecting to see something in the distance, but was awestruck when this thing went overhead. It was moving steadily
An accused carjacker thought he was getting away with an SUV, but found something he didn't expect in the backseat: the driver's
The couple ordered two breakfast meals from a Mesa, Ariz., McDonalds, and when they noticed the missing potatoes, they got
If you stole an Amazon package of K-Cup coffee pods from Tim Lake, you aren't getting away with it -- at least, not without being mocked relentlessly. Hilary Hanson joins Ahmed to discuss the hilarious poster.
The flyer, which notes that the culprit "is either a woman or Dog The Bounty Hunter has really let himself go," lists the