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Is this proof of UFOs coming from or going to other dimensions?
A dad was rushing his kid to school when this happened. There's a lesson in there for the young ones.
This cuke brings new meaning to the term "vegging out."
The infant spent around 30 minutes in the safe, authorities said.
"He had an opportunity to take it," Smith told CNN, "and he did." Police spokesman Sgt. Ryan Smith had a simple explanation
There's one other interesting thing about the Canadian news video that may have been overlooked. YouTube commenter Joe Edwards
Bissonnette currently supports himself and his hobby with a small disability check. He is hoping to he fact that he is the
Sun News asked Constable David Hopkinson if Davis threatened anyone at the library, and Hopkinson replied, "I don't think
A gentleman's club in Guelph, Ontario, is holding church services right on the stage next to the stripper pole. The Manor
"Captain Quinn" took that as a sign he'd need to use an auger, which he then used to drill holes through the 18 inches of