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A clown lurking around a cemetery at night sounds like a disturbing scene from a Stephen King novel, but it turned into a
Stuckey was placed in a squad car and taken to a nearby station. During the brief drive, the suspect managed to chew through
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But that was the method Jose Navarro, Jr., allegedly used early Sunday morning after being pulled over by police in Oak Lawn
To be sure, knowing that a lurker has your loved one's photo is unnerving. But hey, the suspect did look pretty good in the
A Chicago man glues his hand to his penis in this clip from 'Sex Sent Me To The E.R.'
The new NUTmobiles are 27 feet long, hold between 25-30 gallons of diesel fuel and get about the same mileage as a large
When police arrived, they opened the garage door and saw Bacon sitting in the driver's seat with the keys in the ignition
“As I came up and looked at it, I thought I knew my fish and this is a huge monster,” he told CBS Chicago. In 2011, two men