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A clown lurking around a cemetery at night sounds like a disturbing scene from a Stephen King novel, but it turned into a
Police found several other bags of heroin in his possession. Spoiler alert: He didn't make it. Stuckey was placed in a squad
Schmitz stepped out of the store and sat on a bench. Schmitz was rushed to an emergency room where an MRI scan of Schmitz
A Chicago man says he was terrified to learn that a burglar wore his girlfriend's panties and stole a picture of her before
A Chicago man glues his hand to his penis in this clip from 'Sex Sent Me To The E.R.'
Planters Peanuts is unveiling two peanut-shaped cars in Chicago on Wednesday in honor of Mr. Peanut, who got a makeover last
Bacon was charged with attempted vehicular hijacking and theft. He is jail in lieu of $75,000 bail, according to the Associated
Pacu have been found across the U.S.. In September, Tom Boylan reeled one in from a lake in Passaic County, N.J.,
"Mr. Hritz's anger got the best of him," State's Attorney Robert Berlin said in court. "Because Mr. Hritz could not control
Selmon was charged with felony possession of cannabis and misdemeanor production of cannabis, and is currently in jail in
The friend was let go, the Chicago Sun-Times reports, but Salling was arrested. The incident marked his third arrest for
Menachem Wecker, who blogs about art and religion for the Houston Chronicle, understands why the event may cause a furor
Going down? At least the had company the second time around -- when rescue workers worked to free both the man and another
“We’ve been doing this event for 26 years and we wanted to mix things up by doing something crazy and fun,” Berghoff told