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Police were called to the scene. Investigators found a suicide note and a stool she used to climb over the balcony wall. A
His body was discovered the next day when a family member saw his cell phone on the ground below the tree, looked up and
Per Hoje em Dia, the owner of the cow has yet to be identified, but may face charges related to de Souza's death. Contacted
However, she came back to life just as officials placed her in a metal coffin. The incident occurred last week at the Manor
Police in Bellevue, Wash., are investigating the death of a 50-year-old man who apparently committed suicide on Sunday during
A woman suffering from a stroke was allegedly injected with soup. Ilda Vitor Maciel of Rio de Janeiro died Sept. 28 at the
Gangasani determined that the man was at "high risk" of having clogged heart arteries and ordered a nuclear stress test to
A West Virginia Pentecostal pastor who used poisonous snakes during religious services has died of a rattlesnake bite. Mack
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"How a lava lamp works is interesting," Bloomfield told HuffPost Weird News. "But they were never meant to work at the temperature
A clip from the Discovery Fit & Health series, "Curious And Unusual Deaths," explains how it's possible to die from a lava lamp.
An 18-year-old Bolivian picked a bizarre and gruesome way to commit suicide, police say. The intoxicated teen jumped out
A man in his mid-forties died following a lawn mowing accident early on Wednesday morning in Kungsbacka, in southern Sweden
People have been dying for centuries and it's one thing that's guaranteed to happen to all of us. However, not everyone has