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We've heard of multi-tasking, but this is extreme.
"For now, we are definitely sticking with the name."
Contrary to what the TSA thought, these wedding favors were not the bomb.
BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — A Boulder County sheriff's deputy got into a face-off with an owl with an attitude, and the owl won
Hirtle did not sustain life-threatening injuries from his self-inflicted wounds, according to Some guys shoot
On May 14, Isaac Vigil, 32, was picked up at a McDonald’s on suspicion of using methamphetamine. He was also wanted on a
The suspect is described as a black man between 50 and 60 years old, with a medium build and between 5-feet-8 inches and
"We called them and apparently they were offended because we told them it was bugs. I think they want somebody that will
What will the Denver UFOs turn out to be? Maybe something like these... The man told the station that the UFOs have been
The incident allegedly took place on Tuesday when police were called to her apartment in Longmont, Colo., on a report of
Wilkerson woke up later in a panic realizing what she had done. Hart wasn't optimistic at first, but using an aging jet truck
"So I was down in the manhole, kind of digging through, sifting through the debris and then I happened to find the rings
"People come up with all types of rationalizations for things," Scott said. "In the South Pacific -- where it's still the
Connor entered her first competition on her 65th birthday and she won first place at the Grand Masters in Las Vegas. The