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Can't stand your ex? Here's a story that will send a chill up your spine: According to the New York Times, one judge in Seville, Spain has ordered a divorcing couple to split their 2,700-square-foot apartment into two separate living spaces.
This isn't the first time a judge has ordered a couple to split their residence in half as the result of a property dispute
John Devaney claims that the loud bells' incessant ringing created tension in his marriage, ultimately leading to the divorce
The animal, worth $25 according to the man, went missing on his and his ex-wife's anniversary, which led him to assume she
According to, one man's snoring was so disruptive it prompted his wife to file for divorce. In the filing, she
So what did the Mumbai family court do? The presiding judge reportedly ordered the husband to pay his ex-wife an extra 150
This may just be one of the oddest divorce stories we've ever heard. On The Ricki Lake Show Tuesday, a woman revealed that
This may be one of the oddest divorce stories we've ever read. According to the International Business Times, an Egyptian
Click through the slides below for more on the Cambodian man and 10 other strange-but-true divorce tales. "I found this account
“The defendant’s pastor made multiple visits to Plaintiff and his wife’s residence to play Wii games with them not at the