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This isn't the first time story we've read at the intersection of divorce and organ donation -- though the last story was
Al Arabiya News reported earlier this week that a newlywed Kuwaiti woman has filed for divorce a week into her marriage after
Can't stand your ex? Here's a story that will send a chill up your spine: According to the New York Times, one judge in Seville, Spain has ordered a divorcing couple to split their 2,700-square-foot apartment into two separate living spaces.
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We've heard some strange divorce reasons before, but this one is ringing a few alarm bells. One Rhode Island man is suing
A man in Prescott, Ariz. called the police on his ex-wife last week after he realized his prized possession was missing: his
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The song stops playing. The person you're arguing with walks away. The movie ends. The smell of her perfume fades. The sound of a laugh sounding just like his from a stranger is drowned out by the crowd. Y
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We all know divorce can be dirty -- in some cases, literally. His rattled ex-wife told officials that she moved out to Arizona
In a marriage, sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut. Unfortunately, one Nigerian husband didn't heed this advice
Last week, Rebecca Gibbs of Christchurch, New Zealand put her ring inside a homemade rocket and launched it into space. She
According to KPTV, Zober and her husband of 10 years recently divorced after she discovered that he'd been having an affair
And though the couple reportedly gave reconciliation a shot at the behest of the rabbinical court, the wife ultimately choose
Her husband, a 31-year-old businessman, reportedly told the court that updating his status had simply slipped his mind, as
Reasons for divorce run the gamut -- infidelity, incompatibility, communication issues, abuse, or simply growing apart -- just
Think your split was strange? We've probably heard worse. In an unusual divorce ruling earlier this month, a French judge