weird divorce stories

One German woman divorced her husband after 15 years of marriage because she couldn't stand his constant cleaning, reported
In today's edition of highly questionable grounds for divorce, a woman in Japan allegedly wants to end her marriage because
But a few years after the life-saving procedure, Samantha learned that Andy was leaving her -- and now she says she wants
This isn't the first weird food-related grounds for divorce we've seen in the last few years. In a 2012 article on England's
Can't stand your ex? Here's a story that will send a chill up your spine: According to the New York Times, one judge in Seville, Spain has ordered a divorcing couple to split their 2,700-square-foot apartment into two separate living spaces.
This isn't the first time a judge has ordered a couple to split their residence in half as the result of a property dispute
John Devaney claims that the loud bells' incessant ringing created tension in his marriage, ultimately leading to the divorce
The animal, worth $25 according to the man, went missing on his and his ex-wife's anniversary, which led him to assume she
According to, one man's snoring was so disruptive it prompted his wife to file for divorce. In the filing, she
The song stops playing. The person you're arguing with walks away. The movie ends. The smell of her perfume fades. The sound of a laugh sounding just like his from a stranger is drowned out by the crowd. Y