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Alice Potts is turning bodily fluids into fashion and saving the environment as well.
"I thought, 'What would be the worst thing to have on your dress?'"
There is no news of a release in other territories yet. So far, reaction in Japan has been mixed, according to RocketNews24
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Here's a truly titillating type of lingerie: a brassiere for men. Kaku Nishioka, owner of a Tokyo clothing store, has just
As of right now, stock on the $84 (in USD) "Dem Guts" gem is pretty low and the sizes currently available are XXS and LT
For style insights men can actually use, we're loving Suit Up Weird, a blog that encourages guys to push the boundaries with
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Below are more strange beards, courtesy of the 2012 European Beard and Moustache Championships in France. It's customary
Impressive, right? It's not the first time we've seen someone design a dress out of unlikely materials. In March, a Northern
Japanese inventor Shota Ishiwatari believes he has made that possible with "Tailly," a robotic tail that reacts with the
There's a good reason: That shirt cost him $235,000 and is made of solid gold. The Pune Mirror asked Indian fashionistas
A new perfume is sure to raise a stink from fashionistas because it's going to be made from sweat. The odd and odorous idea
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Fashion thrives on the new, but sometimes that means people have to go to bizarre lengths in order to be different. Take
When it comes to bizarre hand decorations, some people really nail it. Read more on
The first rule of fashion is to wear the dress rather than let it wear you, and Albanese admits that it takes a special person