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There's gold in them thar lakes
When a train passenger in Dusseldorf, Germany, saw a dead "bearded man in a blue coat and red trousers" near the railroad
The Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash of 1947 was the result of -- here it comes, wait for it -- top secret Nazi technology
Dantonio, who was featured on last month's Syfy Channel documentary, "Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed," told The Huffington
The boozy Bavarian isn't the first guy to learn the hard way that alcohol and horses don't mix. Witnesses told the Colorado
"The video has signs of night vision fakery," according to former FBI special agent Ben Hansen. "It looks like they added
Chemnitz police spokesman Frank Fischer told The Associated Press no charges have been filed yet, as the investigation is
They won a Grammy Award in 1990 that was later stripped away when it emerged that they were only lip synching songs performed
Bayer isn't the first bondage pro hit with controversy in recent weeks. "In our internet chat, Lady Gina assured me that
Karlsruhe police spokesman Ralf Minet said the teenager's mother is pressing charges of theft against her son, who admitted