weird inventions

"I'm not really sure about the mathematics of this whole contraption but at least it's fun to watch."
Yeah, the wheel is a cool invention, so is fire and the Internet. But those technological innovations pale compared to the
Sometimes these inventions occupy so much of our time we forget that they were just recently not a part of our lives.
The London-based designer creates inventions that may not transform daily life as we know it, but definitely makes our daily
Have you been looking for ways to use your old CD case? Do you hate stale bagels? Do you have the desire to work all the
They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Actually, necessity is the mother of good invention. Boredom and laziness
Still, it's clear that the potential for FormLabs and the 3D printing industry is virtually limitless, and in an interview
Integral to the planner's idea for mind-controlled cat ears was a technology called electroencephalography, or EEG. To put
Below are some products and discoveries that were once marketed as something else: Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned
But doesn't inventing in this day and age take all kinds of advanced technical knowledge? Well, with MaKey MaKey, all you
From the "Penis Exercise Machine" to the "Penis Retractor," some inventions seem like nothing more than torture devices for
The latest innovation in the world of smart home products is a fridge magnet/button that lets you order pizza to be delivered