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So far, the plan hasn't smoked out any actual dealers
Sies was in court Tuesday morning where she pleaded not guilty to the burglary charge, according to "It happened
"He said my tags were expired," Masters told The Huffington Post. "I thought he was going to let me go because he was real
WATCH: TURTLEMAN TRAPS COTTONMOUTH SNAKES A subsequent report notes that the cottonmouth snakes that somehow appeared in
It's more than just saliva, according to James. "I'm trying to get the spit out of my eyes," he said in the aftermath of
Mmmm, lint. Police in Louisville, Ky. say that 50-year-old Jeffrey Wagner admitted to smoking crystal meth before going into
A Kentucky man stole from the dead, and now he'll live out his next few days in jail. Strode realized he was being chased
James Crittenden, 36, walked into a Louisville gas station just after 10 a.m. on Saturday and headed for the bathroom. Workers
Davis later tried to sell the text to Gray's College Bookstore, a rival book shop in Louisville, according to the Associated
A woman literally got caught in a sticky situation inside a Walmart bathroom in Kentucky. She sat down on the toilet and
No wonder Adam Falk of Mashable is suggesting Mark Zuckerberg make the social network's unique crime fighting potential a
Penguins are cute creatures that usually make people smile. But one of them left quite an impression on the floor of the
The birds' unexplained presence has allegedly coincided with a surge in respiratory ailments, according to one woman who
Police charged him with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. In Adams' defense, it's not entirely
If you're single and ready to mingle, it's important to know where you can meet other people who are similarly single and
Bottoms was eventually subdued and booked into the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections on preliminary charges of public