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"If he is going to file something that frivolous, he can't expect me to be too judicious in how I respond."
She claims the insurance company told her she had to name the 12-year-old in the suit.
I'm sure we can all agree that it is a sad day when a man burned by fajitas while praying can't sue Applebee's. But perhaps it will provide him -- and the rest of us mourning this tragedy of our broken judicial system -- some solace to know that he is not alone.
As first reported by Oregon Live, Hampton says she and her husband made reservations to eat at Enzo’s Caffe Italiano on Valentine's
When she returned to her job as a marketing coordinator for the company in November, she says she requested a work schedule
On Monday, a jury in Culpeper County, Va., ordered James Carroll Butler to pay the sum to former co-worker Michael Utz because
Apparently not everyone is aware that a divorce ends a marriage. A British woman tried to sue her lawyers, claiming they
San Diego's La Jolla Cove is smelly. Like, super stinky. And it's all because of cute, lovable sea lions, that are pooping everywhere!
The maker of Sriracha hot sauce is under fire for allegedly fouling the air around its Southern California factory.
In a 50 page complaint, filed mid-June, former attorney Chris Sevier holds that since Apple is "concerned with the welfare
On Oct. 10, Judge David Baker reportedly dismissed the lawsuit because "the fantastic allegations do not meet the plausibility
Gangasani determined that the man was at "high risk" of having clogged heart arteries and ordered a nuclear stress test to
The couple has a slew of paranormal pundits backing up their claims. The Shore Paranormal Research Society has made their
A West Virginia college student is suing his fraternity, alleging that he fell off a deck when a drunken frat brother fired
STRANGE ENOUGH FOR YOU? CHECK OUT SOME FAR OUT PHOTOS: Walmart lawyers alleged that Bach only purchased the meats so she
Raising the stakes on a two-year-old intellectual property controversy in Second Life, a popular seller of online adult novelties