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The paraglider thought the officers were just interested in the sport
As part of its holiday decorations, San Pedro's Harbor House of Dank marijuana dispensary displayed window drawings of a
“It wasn’t Santa Claus, for sure,” Lawrence told the station. “Having someone in your chimney is like kind of a weird thing
Her family pays for additional parking at the Los Angeles apartment she shares with her sister, but it seems her choice of
The sign posted at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Sweetzer Avenue has gotten a positive reaction from her neighbors
That's according to Guinness World Records, which has officially honored the 4-year-old canine as the fastest dog around
Each pack includes a fresh pair of underwear, socks, a T-shirt, sunglasses, a hangover-fighting vitamin and your choice of
“We just had to do it,” Weicker told CBC News. “We just had to go 100 miles an hour in a hot tub because it’s never been
In this clip from AMC Freakshow, Asia Ray attempts to break a board with a whip. The catch is that the board is attached to a sword being swallowed by Morgue
Their names have not been released to the media. They ran outside as soon as they realized what had happened, according to
The iguana is still getting used to life in California, Ray said. "The first time I tried to pet it, it hit me with all its
He's as shocked as anyone. "For the last year and a half, I've been able to do this full time," he told The Huffington Post
Whether the turtle "Thor" and "Loki" become as popular as the movie characters remains to be seen, but Ray says they will
The Magic Restroom Cafe in L.A.'s City of Industry is America's first toilet-themed eatery. All the dishes, seats and food
Ramsey, who worked as a producer on shows like "Survivor" before becoming an artist full-time, is spending his time in the
Many of the members of this loosely-knit group of pot-smoking parents smoke the wacky weed in order to relax or cope with