weird medicine

He broke into chatter most nights, within 10 minutes of falling asleep. Even worse, his subconscious mind seemed stuck on his exes: He detailed having sex with previous girlfriends and even recited one former flame's phone number.
When the masses get to be this big, they can cause increased or decreased urinary frequency, or obstruct the bowel, so they
Amateur scientists have the capacity to help with medical advancements. But in order for us to do that, we must appreciate the biodiversity that surrounds us. We need to open our eyes up a bit more, get a little bit creative, and have fun seeing the science in our everyday surroundings.
Other animals have benefitted from the health-restoring benefits of booze in recent weeks. The vodka was fed via drip through
An ancient bottle of cough medicine shows how opium used to be used as medicine.
It's amazing, but certainly not the first case of foreign objects embedded in a person's brain. Doctors told the paper that
"It's a quack medical device used to relieve sinus problem," Zohn tells his friend, Ann, who is looking for relief from nasal
In a bizarre medical story, doctors in Britain say that they removed an intact pen from a woman's stomach -- and it still