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Murphy's problem: He was too polite. The 43-year-old Missouri man, accused of trying to rob a convenience store, asked a
Whatever it was over the skies of Tucson, Ariz. and Kansas City, Mo., eyewitnesses in both cities agree -- it was quite a
A scuffle ensued between Williams and the other passengers, at which point police say she began brandishing a large knife
The alleged incident took place March 15 at Central High School in St. Joseph, Mo., when someone reported that the coffee
Jason Beacham, a 15-year-old boy from a small town in Missouri, has been prepping for doomsday since age 11. Jason fears anarchy following economic collapse so he makes his own weapons.
"It's interesting watching people go by," Daily admitted. "I wish we had a banner that said, 'We're supposed to look like
"If you look at the first 12 seconds [of the video], you can see them aligned with another smaller dot in the sky," Ziegelmeyer
WATCH: Based on cellphone records, investigators believe the parents might have left the kids home alone while the attack