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Sadly, the machine is too big to take on the road.
"I'm hoping they'll have a big reunion party with me," she said. Death may be called the eternal slumber, but is it possible
You might recognize German comedian, DJ and vlogger, Flula Borg, from one of his many bizarre viral videos. If not, get ready
Yes, we said it. This is probably the best ukulele video ever made. If you're thinking the claim is a bunch of hyperbolic
The Thai Elephant Orchestra is the brainchild of Richard Lair and Dave Sulzer, a Columbia University neuroscientist who also
There comes a point in media production when the quality of content is so bad, it’s good. This rule definitely applies to
No one remembers your name when you're strange, but they'll definitely remember your music taste. Don't worry -- we at the
(This srtory fixes the byline) The two grew up surrounded by vegetables in China's central Anhui province, but their music
Legend has it that the modern kazoo was invented in 1850 by former slave Alabama Vest of Macon, Ga., who devised the plans
If you're a fan of bluegrass classics and the fiddle, then prepare to have your darkest nightmares invaded by a giant squawking