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Watch this week's follow-up KLAS-TV report about Lazar and Area 51. The National Atomic Testing Museum -- one of a handful
In This Week in Weird we chat with HuffPost Weird News Reporter Lee Spiegel about mistaking drones for UFOs.
Does all this mean that as long as the government is officially shut down, work has actually ceased on the production of
While Simpson's people have yet to confirm whether he does in fact suffer from diabetes, it is known that his sister Carmelita
In March of 2012, under Palmer's authorization, the museum took a bold step by unveiling a new walk-through exhibit, "Area
Certainly, many UFO enthusiasts, researchers and organizations hope that someday the U.S. government, or the governments
What exactly happened after guards thwarted the documentarians at the Nevada Air Force base is under debate. The film crew
Despite his eventual retirement from boxing, the 45-year-old is apparently still full of spit and vinegar. In an April 2012
Watch KLAS-TV report on the new Area 51 exhibit: When the Area 51 exhibit officially opens today at the National Atomic Testing
"Sometimes what you see is not always what's real. And that may be true the other way around," Palmer added. "What you may