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The cocktail crook isn't the only thief to be caught on tape in recent weeks. Last week, police say surveillance video at
Police found the victim lying in a pool of blood. He was treated for facial injuries and missing teeth. A New Orleans man
Then, as it turns out, Jeffrey posted his own account of the UFO story on, under the name of J. Wood
Coincidentally, within minutes of HuffPost's first contact with Willis, another professional time lapse photographer chimed
When NBC sports came out of a commercial break during the Oct. 23, 2011 game between the Colts and Saints in New Orleans, many people claimed to have spotted a couple of UFOs on the video. Turns out, it was just airplanes.
After nearly 20 years of collecting and studying images, films and videos of these things, Escamilla isn't willing to go
Cornthwaite explained his personal connection to the breast cancer charity: "A friend of mine who had breast cancer was misdiagnosed