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"It's quite a bit like I think a dragon should look like."
The kids do go bananas when they see the mysterious "garbage monkey." They have started greeting his arrival by wearing monkey
The patient, who sought anonymity from the media, was fumbling in the dark for a balm to apply to a cold sore late Thursday
Then he grabbed an ostrich egg on the kitchen table and hurled it directly at her chest, reported. The ostrich
An alcohol breath test at the police station registered that there was more than three times the legal limit of booze in
"We had a parcel delivered to us recently and the address was 'Hooker's Corner' and it found its way to us with no problems
“Human prostitution will still be around. It’s the oldest profession and won’t be thwarted by robot alternatives,” Mars told
By Naomi Tajitsu "Otherwise it ends up looking like a wrestling match," Laing said. WELLINGTON (Reuters) - For lucky sheep
Teahan will be sentenced on Jan. 30 and is considering an appeal. Following this revelation, the Society for Prevention of
According to a press release from the Wellington Police District: Bypassers discovered the body -- unattended to for approximately
A New Zealand tampon manufacturer is coming under fire for a new commercial that implies trans folks who dress as women are
The police called for an ambulance and cordoned off the road as the paramedics arrived. Police later called the hospital
But it wasn't over there. In what New Zealand officials are speculating is a dubious record, three members of the same family