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"The only thing I really need help with is doing my hair," she said on the video. "Patrick learned to do a very nice ponytail
Charles also hopes her stars align and she is one day able to stretch her incredible limbo talents into a headlining gig
This year, in an effort to top himself, he deep-fried a diet bar. He said the method adds an estimated 500 calories to the
Talk about a buzzkill: Los Angeles-based artist Onur Armagan managed to build what he believes is the world's largest functioning
On Monday, one of the city's Subway franchises became the first American restaurant to install the Intruder Spray System
There are a lot of strange jobs out there, but Bryan Lee Madden may have the sketchiest of all. After pursuing a career in
Justin Hill, who coaches at Currituck County High School, was suspended for one game on April 17, almost two weeks after
Bowen, 45, of Mabelvale, Arkansas, was hired last June to deliver $50,000 worth of lunch meat to locations in Alabama and
“I would happily smoke a joint with any president,” the artist said. “Any president that’s not an evil dictator or runs a
Etch-a-Sketch artist, Bryan Madden, recreate iconic Obama image