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By any definition, Jessica Cox is an accomplished woman. Cox prides herself on being independent, but admits there is one
Shemika Charles has done some lowdown things in her life. The limbo queen has been bending over professionally since the
"When people go to the fair, I think they leave their calorie counter at the gate," he said. "This is something you might
On Monday, one of the city's Subway franchises became the first American restaurant to install the Intruder Spray System
There are a lot of strange jobs out there, but Bryan Lee Madden may have the sketchiest of all. After pursuing a career in
Hill eventually apologized to the team, according to Neither Hill nor school officials have responded to media
An Arkansas truck driver has pleaded guilty to trading $50,000 worth of lunch meat for crack cocaine. Officers told the station
“I feel the photo depicts young Obama as a cool guy and makes him relatable. I'd sooner vote for that guy than an antiquated
Etch-a-Sketch artist, Bryan Madden, recreate iconic Obama image
The guide, Kim Jong Un's Revolutionary Activities, includes a lot of facts about the North Korean dictator that are -- spoiler
The Whalens initially thought there was a pornographic film on the TV, but it was later identified as merely a sexually explicit
On Tuesday, Kuroneko Yamato -- or Black Cat Yamato -- installed a a giant billboard that is nothing but a humongous cat’s
But Power's pride and joy may be his $500,000 mountain bike made with 24-karat gold. The chain, spokes and pedals are all
Even more amazing -- or weirder -- the male pooch does his mile-long walk of shame dressed as a school girl. The dog's owner
In addition, the cowboy dancers won't be fully nude and will perform in a closed tent for only women over the age of 21. No
Now in its eighth year, World Sword Swallowers Day is when blade gobblers gather at 13 Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Odditoriums
"I went to Safari Joe's and told them about my problem that I didn't have babies," she told "So they gave me
Twelve years ago, when Souder's husband dumped her for a heavier woman when she decided to have weight loss surgery. Having