Weird News Top 10

Lizard Man, Zombie Cat ... And things that look like Donald Trump.
A nose, a beard, a mouse, a rubber pool float and a designer drug teamed up to make this one weird week.
Who are we to judge, if Ania Lisewska of Poland aims to have sex with 100,000 men? 4. It's a bad idea to set your nipple
Sally Colburn lost her husband, Jack, in May, not long after their 50th anniversary. The 70-year-old Florida woman reached
What was the weirdest story of the week? Scroll through the photo gallery and vote below. Campbell made big news five years
Sex stories dominated this week's weird news. That shouldn't be too much of a surprise. After all, May is National Masturbation
What was the weirdest story of the week? Check out the gallery and vote below. Meanwhile, you have to hand it to scuba diver
This week had one of the most intense news cycles in recent memory, between the Boston Marathon bombings, the Texas fertilizer
You might be talking about Democrats vs. Republicans, DOMA vs. marriage equality, or the Westboro Baptist Church vs. the
Other weird news chatter this week involved bacon condoms, the FBI's 'flying saucer" memo and a "dead" prostitute that came