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The van wasn't available for comment.
Police say she said she didn't notice her car had apparently become a truck.
"ET's have come to Earth from many different higher dimensions on other planets to help aid Humanity."
Police in Akron, Ohio, said Jefferson, 50, allegedly stabbed her boyfriend in the groin with a pen Sunday evening after he
An Ohio man allegedly went on a bender after his pet pig ate his stash of pot. Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter
Police in Columbus, Ohio, are looking for a man known as the "Braveheart Bandit" because of his distinctive facial tattoo
Dixon has until Dec. 26 to take the zombie nativity off his property without being penalized. "The neighbors don't like it
So, if you're wanted in Columbus, keep in mind that well-meaning friends and frenemy's are not the only ones who might post
In his newest mugshot, Tobergta is wearing a T-shirt that reads, "I'm out of my mind. Please leave a message." Like Us On
For the record, Crabtree's first name is Sheila, ("Ranea" is her middle name) but it may not be for much longer. She is petitioning
Civil engineering student Mark Hartman told the campus publication that he and his roommates joked about having a "ghost
He also showed a gift of psychic ability, telling officers, "Goddamn, man, you're just going to arrest me." Although Bentley's
An Ohio teenager was stuck with a big problem when he accidentally inhaled a homemade blowgun dart and it lodged in his throat.
Jatana said all three teens required bronchoscopic procedures under general anesthesia to remove the darts, but said, luckily
A brawl that started over spilled punch at a kindergarten graduation ceremony Friday resulted in the arrest of eight people, authorities said. Police were called when one participant pulled out a pipe and another a hammer.
Elyria Police Lt. Chris Costantino told the Chronicle-Telegram that Warren had nearly $1,000 in cash on her when she was