weird ohio

The van wasn't available for comment.
Police say she said she didn't notice her car had apparently become a truck.
"ET's have come to Earth from many different higher dimensions on other planets to help aid Humanity."
Phyllis Jefferson's temper may be as hot as her salsa. Jefferson was arrested a short time when officers pulled her over
A school bus driver in Princeton City, Ohio, has been canned after posting a selfie that looks as if she's drinking a bottle
On Sunday, deputies in Washington County, Ohio arrested Chad Spohn, 44, on disorderly conduct charges that started after
Police in Columbus, Ohio, are looking for a man known as the "Braveheart Bandit" because of his distinctive facial tattoo
Dixon has received two violations so far. He feels the orders to dismantle it violate his constitutional rights to free religious
Ohio Police say a woman was so upset by the unflattering photo detectives posted to Facebook that she called them and demanded
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