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Henson allegedly waited outside of the restaurant with a 4-inch blade and challenged two of the boys, including the one who
Police were called to Lumpy's Sports Bar after a bartender saw the child sitting alone in a car in the parking lot. The bartender
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact The Author During the argument, Acevedo allegedly struck Mendez in the
Here's how some commenters responded: The following map shows the area where this took place, between the Grand Casino and
"I went to Safari Joe's and told them about my problem that I didn't have babies," she told "So they gave me
The photo looks ridiculous, so much so that Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow with the Oklahoma City Police Department felt obliged to
HuffPost contacted the Oklahoma City Police to find out if the mayonnaise was collected as evidence, but officials have not
However, reports that neither driver sustained any serious injuries. A McDonald's in Weatherford, Oklahoma, had
Oklahoma City police are now looking for a black female, about 30 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 110 pounds
Officials in Bangalore, India, have set up cardboard cops at busy intersections in hopes drivers will see them, think they
Police said that when Bennett was taken into custody, he admitted to exposing himself, but admitted he was surprised people
"He kept on asking my husband, 'Please, don't let me die.' [My husband said], 'Man, I'm not going to let you die, they're
Anderson was reportedly yelling at officers from his front porch as he threw furniture through his apartment door and broke
"It's like he was just sitting down in the water just wading," Reynolds told KFRJ. "Like waving his hands, kind of just wading
An Oklahoma City woman is accused of threatening her neighbor with a knife before announcing she had sex with her cat.
It's unclear if Brown actually engaged in intercourse with her cat. In 2011, though, an Iowa man was charged with animal
This guy found himself in deep doodoo Sunday -- and that was before he got caught.