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Henson was arrested later that day after a tipster recognized her from the video. Police said she admitted pulling the knife
Hayley Dawn Hampton probably won't forget this past Mother's Day, thanks to an arrest for suspected child neglect. The boyfriend
Officers said Elias Acevedo, 21, and his roommate, Jiaro Mendez, got "highly intoxicated" in the parking lot of the apartment
The news station solicited comments from viewers: "We caught a flying object on KOCO 5 News in the Morning at 6 a.m. What's
At first Shelby was bugged that the only roaches she owned were boys, so she took matters into her own hands by going to
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact The Author The pacifier may make the suspect seem childish, but Oklahoma
Several passersby complained about a man causing a disturbance at a spot known as the Bricktown fountain, reports
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact The Author However, reports that neither driver sustained
Nguyen was working at the Best Stop Food Mart Sunday when a woman disguising herself with a black ball cap came into the
It works great ... except in rainstorms. Officials in Bangalore, India, have set up cardboard cops at busy intersections