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"They came in a flying saucer, picked me up, and I spent a whole day in outer space."
The image above shows, at left, the most recent of these bizarre occurrences, which took place a little after midnight on
Another resident, Andrei Kazaryan (who Mysterious Universe suggests was one of the investigators), said, "I heard footsteps
It's worth noting that in the U.S., female officers commonly wear pants. "When you meet people, the first thing you see is
So what are we to make of this latest installment of Russian esoterica vengeance? Could it be that booze and literature don't mix?
They caught him, though, days later, and He's charged with murder now. He might get 15 years, but what Is really wild, is
In 1969, the United States Air Force terminated its 20-year UFO study known as Project Blue Book. Of the 12,618 sightings
And in Wisconsin, a man was jailed last month for publicly having sex with a couch. She couldn't help but get stairs. Attempts
Sinitsina died last September in a skydiving accident in California. The group honored her by leaving a space in the center
A man in Russia's Kemerovo region was issued a traffic ticket this past summer after he had a minor car accident, according
Had your own near-death experience? Share it in the comment section below. The woman was traveling down a two-lane highway
If you're hungry for even more UFO videos, here's a collection featured in HuffPost stories since the beginning of 2012. One
Burglary and booze don't mix, as one Russian robber recently discovered. Authorities say the alleged thief, an unidentified
"It looks like the same craft from the previous video, as if somebody else caught the same one," Dantonio suggested. "It
All you need is drugs, drugs, drugs. That seems to be the message the Beatles communicated to Russia's top narcotics-fighting
"I can hardly remember anything. When my face started burning and when it was all over, it feels like it was not happening
"Look at it carefully," he said. "The guy is hit and he flips. The way that his body reacts to being hit by the car. There's
A Russian man out with his two daughters was shot in the neck with an arrow. But, miraculously, Konstantine Myakush is expected
According to the Russian news site LifeNews, airport employees were concerned the UFO might cause a disruption during takeoff