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"In the beat of a heart, it was gone," said an eyewitness.
Has the mystery finally been solved? What's a sea monster to do?
When the Betts zoomed in on the picture and saw something weird in the sky above the water, they released it to the media
"I can't offer any logical explanation," Betts told the news agency. "I am probably one of the most skeptical people you
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | Contact The Author "I put the chainsaw through a trunk and there was E.T. staring
Monsters popped up all over the place in 2013. They came out of oceans, lakes and forests around the world. And they didn't
“Rather be safe than sorry." Bet he never saw this coming: An allegedly psychic bus driver in Dundee, Scotland, has been
CORRECTION: An earlier version listed the age of the seal as both 6 months and 7 weeks old. It is 6 months old. "The seal
Tractor beam concepts have been experimented with before. While the researchers hope this tractor beam technology will be
A source close to the case told STV that "His view is simply that he thought the horses looked hungry, daft as that sounds
STV Local also reported that a Civil Aviation Authority spokesman, Richard Taylor, said, "We have no way of knowing what
Back in April, three drunk blokes in Australia attempted to reenact The Hangover by breaking into Sea World and stealing
On the day in 1991 that Nick Pope interviewed for the position of chief of the Ministry of Defence's UFO office, he could
As if passing your road test isn't nerve-racking enough. "The nurses in the hospital were very confused because I was getting
In America, a holiday amounts to little more than a day off from work and a few quiet beers. It turns out that we're really