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'My hand to God, I am not making this up. So excited!'
One of the roommates told police she consumed food from a container that she believes contained Windex and King's saliva
The mother, who was identified as a local real estate agent by The Smoking Gun, did not respond to a HuffPost request for
(Story continues below) He was later charged with petty larceny and sentenced to time already served, according to public
Sometimes, you don't want the family to come together. The 911 lines in Spartanburg County must be jammed up with sex-related
"There are four separate streets called 'Railroad Ave.,' but they're not connected to each other," Taylor told The Huffington
Police say Bader admitted to stabbing the man, but said it was out of self-defense because he was choking her. She's at the
Officials tracked Jenkins down and threw him in the slammer again on a second domestic violence charge, along with a charge
You don't want to mess with this kid. Wrangling gators is a time-honored right of passage for southern boys, like 10-year
There's an old saying that the family that plays together stays together, but, apparently, the Brown family of Fort Mill
The Associated Press reports that Smith then slapped a deputy, breaking her sunglasses, and then tried to bite another officer
"I did think it was interesting, with Easter coming up," she told the Post and Courier. "And it's such a beautiful image
"It sounds like a typical bolide," said Charles St. Lucas, of the astronomy department at the Roper Mountain Science Center
Legend has it that the modern kazoo was invented in 1850 by former slave Alabama Vest of Macon, Ga., who devised the plans
South Carolina police probably wanted to wash their hands with scalding water and lots of soap after a woman surrendered
A "trail of beer cans" led police to Graham, who became hostile when approached by authorities, according to the Rock Hill
Her son informed her that after the three friends watched a film, Hammond, 47, turned on a porno flick for the lads called