weird taxidermy

This macabre fixation with mounting and ornamenting animal cadavers seems shocking, morbid and downright disturbing. To understand Walter Potter's hobby, we need to examine it against the backdrop of his lifestyle in the mid-1800s.
Kat Su, the author of Crap Taxidermy, attempts to stuff an animal on her own
The solitary figure of Joseph Merrick (known to most as the "Elephant Man") sits unattended in the empty hallway of a storage facility in East Baltimore. Though once proudly perched overlooking the rest of DC's iconic Red Palace oddities museum, now, moth eaten and ravaged by circumstance, he is all but forgotten.
Whether for their military service, their charity work, or simply their unflagging loyalty, nearly every sort of creature great and small has at one time been preserved and displayed, managing to stay regal, years after their death.
Who the f*ck is Walter potter, I asked myself? The film would no doubt be visually rich as his tableaux are vibrantly detailed, but film is about telling a story. I knew as much about Potter's "story" as I did about filmmaking!
There have been plenty of bizarre theft cases this year. In January, two Georgia men were arrested after allegedly stealing
A taxidermist brought in her creation, which was fashioned largely out of a deer's backside. Completing the look were "some
It's not easy, but the hardest part is finding military outfits that will fit a bird. That means making the critters wear
Animal lovers, look away now! From lame leopards to pitiful squirrels, meet some of the worst works of taxidermy ever collected