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LYNNWOOD, Wash. (AP) — Snohomish County authorities say two thieves suspected of stealing an ATM machine from a business
That's when things got "interesting," according to Washington State Patrol spokesman Guy Gill. "[The driver] couldn't have
"I've also been doing our oven baked blueberry treats, as well as freeze dried green beans, carrots," she told the station
The brothers also claim the video was not a prank, but was to help raise awareness about child abduction. The child in the
"We called the cops and [the] only thing they said was, 'Alright, we'll let the other cops in the area know," Holden said
The two girls suffered bruises but were otherwise uninjured, according to the New York Daily News. The younger child reportedly
Or so the Puz family thought, until recently when Helen Puz read in the local newspaper about a bike that had been "swallowed
On July 30, 1952, while the U.S. Air Force and the public were still coming to grips with the UFO activity over Washington
"I was told that no species that is undocumented is scientifically protected," he told The Huffington Post. "I can't believe
Water cooler conversation was dominated by the bathroom blast. "Check out this story about my building," gushed an employee
"How a lava lamp works is interesting," Bloomfield told HuffPost Weird News. "But they were never meant to work at the temperature
A clip from the Discovery Fit & Health series, "Curious And Unusual Deaths," explains how it's possible to die from a lava lamp.
CHECK OUT PHOTOS OF MORE PEOPLE ACCUSED OF BONEHEADED CRIMES: Stime admitted he broke the rules, but told KING 5 that it
Heavy rains in the region have caused water levels to rise and, when that happens, the salmon go wherever the rivers are
The 29-year-old mom, thinking fast, ran to her car, retrieved a wrenched and shattered the window on the washer to pull her