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See more photos from the "red wave," below: "It really just takes a perfect balance," he told the paper. "Ocean temperatures
Race marshal Mark Nordman said the committee is considering the move, though he said Tuesday the race "isn't even close to making that decision."
On a day when many Interior Alaska towns and villages watch temperatures approach minus 40 degrees and Anchorage nearly dips to zero, it may seem counterintuitive to discuss warmth in the 49th state.
A map showing temperature anomalies through January 30. Credit: High Plains Regional Climate Center And while the eastern
Minnesotans are probably wishing they were a little farther south today as a winter storm barrels across the country, bringing
They weren't expecting this.
Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of fish? Bring a bucket not an umbrella! Read more on
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"I had all of this black smut on the bottom," she told the website, adding that the lightning blast felt like hot oil running
"The Great Lakes create their own weather," Myers told the Los Angeles Times, adding that the boulders compete with ice caves
The climate of southern Italy is somewhat like that of California. The weather is wet and, at times, stormy in the cool months
In isolation, each individual weather event might be explained away, but collectively they become symptomatic of an altered climate and reflect broader changes that climatologists have been predicting for decades.
Lightning is supposed to never strike twice, but Roy Sullivan defied all odds after being hit by lightning on seven different
FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- As temperatures in the Boston area soar into the 90s, a frigid reminder of the region's long winter
For those of you who, when huddled and shivering in winter coats in December's blizzard, warming hands in gloves and mugs
Intense thunderstorms wreaked havoc in the Northeast over the weekend, ripping up streets, flooding neighborhoods and forcing
Your mood, headaches, and heart health are much more subject to changes in the weather than you might think. You could say your body is its own perfect weathervane.
With the state's weather forecasters not delivering much-needed rain, Gov. Bob Riley on Thursday turned to a higher power