Well-Being Committee

Employees want to be more than just employees. They want to be respected for their unique perspectives and experiences, feel connected emotionally to the purpose of their organizations and know how their contributions are driving their businesses forward.
I regret that my erroneous perception of what meditation is kept me from discovering it earlier in life and enjoying its benefits sooner, especially in times when I desperately needed that calm, clarity and focus.
By identifying what matters most to you, either from a personal experience or a cause that speaks to you, you can create a culture of good in your life.
No one at SAS made me feel like I had to choose between working or getting my child therapy. My managers just made it work. And, during those times, I worked harder for SAS than I ever did before, because I felt so grateful.
We've launched a dedicated section on The Huffington Post, ReWork: Rethinking Work and Well-being. Here you'll find success stories, news about what's working, innovative programs, case studies and the latest data about the many positive business effects of well-being and sustainable work practices. Since our workplace culture is driving so much of the epidemic of stress we all feel overwhelmed by, it's going to be our workplaces that will accelerate the changes already underway. More and more people are realizing that they don't have to put their humanity on hold when they leave for work, that they're more than their résumés and that a sense of well-being and success doesn't have to come at the cost of burnout. And more and more companies are realizing that investing in their employees' well-being is also good for business.
As a sustainability coordinator, it's my job to inspire, engage and support salesforce.com employees who are passionate about environmental issues.
The world's best workplaces are getting better in large part because their leaders see a high-trust culture as an absolute business imperative today.
As a CEO, you cast a commanding shadow that can shape your entire organization, and creating a culture of health is a public declaration of your commitment to your organization's future.
1. Staffers get $50 to hang out with each other. Employees are encouraged to get to know one another and connect. Poppin
I once held some unfair judgments about the practice of meditation. I don't have incense at home, I admit to worldly ambition and have never seriously considered giving up red meat. Harris introduced me to a very different personification of meditation.
Similarly, Gropple refers to employees today as living in a linear world at “a non-stop pace and go-go mentality where we
Most of the American workforce has been conditioned to feel guilty about asking the boss for time off - whether for a vacation
Over the next few months, Stern students will have a chance to hear from industry leaders who practice mindfulness, and will learn practical strategies for applying these skills to their own lives.
I have the great fortune of working for a company that values the health of its employees as one of its foundational principles. Even better, I am now in a position where I am helping others achieve that sense of health and wellbeing that I once lacked
We live in an environment, particularly in the corporate world, where competition is increasing, where there is a 24/7 always-on mentality, and where people are expected to do more with less. This sort of environment is conducive to driving people to high levels of stress.
I have worked at other companies where just leaving my desk to grab a quick bite to eat would leave me riddled with guilt. The reality is, if we aren't taking care of ourselves, productivity and creativity suffer.
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After 22 years in the workforce, I recently set out on a quest for a greater sense of purpose in my job. What I found had a profound impact on my life both at work and at home. Enter: Mindfulness.
It never occurred to me that I could merge my passion for volunteering with my corporate job -- and for that I'm very grateful
Corporate employees who get most of their cardio walking back and forth from their desks to conference rooms don't always