Wendell Pierce

The ABFF celebrated the series for being widely regarded as "one of the greatest television shows of all time."
The actor was detained on a simple battery charge in Atlanta.
“This is my response to the Baltimore uprising," Pierce said.
Hill spoke about her case and the importance of black women having a voice in politics.
Not starting an alternative to our current higher-education system would be easier than starting one. So when things get muddled--as they always are in the early stages of planning and thinking and the miasma of sloppy uncertainty-- I need to always remember why, exactly, I'm doing this.
I spoke with Wendell Pierce - most famous for his HBO series roles in The Wire and Treme - on the closing weekend of Brothers from the Bottom, a critically-acclaimed play about gentrification in New Orleans after the storm, in which Pierce played a lead role both on stage and in production.
HBO has found its Clarence Thomas. Treme and The Odd Couple's Wendell Pierce has been tapped to play the Supreme Court justice
Read more on the unrest in Baltimore here. "If you can’t seek redress and demand reform without a brick in your hand, you
"They had a series of anonymous voters who actually said they didn't appreciate the protests that I participated in wearing