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She says the expectations placed on her 2014 campaign were unrealistic.
"I didn't go into it thinking that I would talk about [the abortions], but as I read a story from the many letters that I
Texas state senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis joins HuffPost Live to defend her support of the death penalty.
Van De Putte hadn't planned on calling out her male colleagues in the Texas state senate when Davis began her filibuster
"The filibuster was about an act of courage and strength to fight back against an abuse of power by political insiders who
It's been almost a year since the day Wendy Davis arrived on the senate floor in her now famous pink sneakers to bravely filibuster a bill that if passed would have huge implications on reproductive health care in the state of Texas.
There simply isn't any way to explain how, in 2014, the Texas Republican Party legitimately believed its hot-off-the-presses policy platform should include "reparative therapy" for gays.
Lisa Fritsch has hosted her own radio talk show, written a book about the tea party and agitated for conservative causes
“I would have and could have voted to allow that to go through, if I felt like we had tightly defined the ability for a woman
"I'm not an overnight sensation," Davis said in an interview Wednesday. "I'm a Texan. And I'm a Texas success story. I am