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"There are always going to be efforts by anti-abortion activists who try to stop groups like Planned Parenthood in their tracks."
Still, she said that she hasn't been discouraged from taking on uphill battles.
She said the festival had aided those behind "harassment & misogyny."
"We're literally forcing women into being childbearing vessels."
The campaign of state senator and Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis (D) on Friday rushed to defend a controversial ad attacking her opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott (R), after the ad received near-unanimous condemnation from Republicans and
He backtracked just a bit on Wednesday. In an interview with the Associated Press, Abbott conceded that information about
DALLAS, June 29 (Reuters) - For one day a year ago, Wendy Davis became the brightest star in the U.S. political universe
Mr. Nugent's talk may cause some people to attribute the latest Abbott flap to a kind of sexism and extremism to which associating
Penguin describes the 272-page book as “a deeply personal memoir by one of the country’s brightest new political stars, Texas
Narrative is a deeply engrained cultural process that defines, inflicts and enforces taboos against ambitious women. The narrative of a mom heading off to Harvard Law School was never going to fly.
PPP surveyed 559 voters April 10-13, using automated phone calls and an Internet panel to reach those without landlines. Davis
Abbott's campaign faced criticism for appearing at events in February with rocker Ted Nugent, who has admitted to relationships
Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) dismissed the clamor surrounding equal pay in Texas' race to replace him as governor.