Wendy Liebman

Mom's hearty laugh and gentle voice didn't just lead me to the stage; it lead me back to love, life, and heart-healing laughter.
"On my life, I have never and would never steal a joke."
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Every week, late night TV shows feature sets by some of the best stand-up comics in the country. To ensure that you don't
"When I get back to LA I'm going to have to go see my doctor because I've been feeling really... attracted to him."
WICF doesn't have a lineup of comics who are "funny for a girl," but simply an amazing, strong lineup of hilarious, acclaimed comics from all over the country.
Politicos may lay claim to 2010 as Year of the Woman, but if the Fourth Annual Women in Comedy Festival is any indication, they may have to hand that title over to the Year of the Funny Woman.
It's day one of the Women in Comedy Festival and I can't wait to be back in Boston.