WenJian Liu

NYPD Officer WenJian Liu has become a father over two years after his death.
A spokesperson for Everytown For Gun Safety told HuffPost that a forthcoming report from the group will show that, of the
What happens next? A serious movement for political and social change has to cohere around the endemic violence. The changes must include better-trained police, an end to racial profiling, the demilitarization of the police and a national embrace of community policing. This is just a start. We need a new civil rights movement. Let it begin with a moment of silence.
The bill easily passed both chambers of Congress. The White House says Obama signed it Wednesday in private. Like Us On Facebook
When they opened the packaged cards, "it was a lot of love coming out of a small box," he said, adding that her thanks for
Police unions have been engaged in a prolonged and bitter political battle with Mayor de Blasio over the last month, particularly
Lancman accused the union leadership of “fomenting a culture of lawlessness and disrespect among rank-and-file cops.” For
The news media has been hard at work tracking down the handful of protesters and others who did or even wrote something violent in order to stereotype the entire Black Lives Matter movement as violent. And when there isn't something, the news media has resorted to doctoring footage.
We live in a broken, violent world. Turning our backs on it won't change anything.
Rates for murder, robbery and burglary were at their lowest in the last decade, according to WABC TV. During the same period