Days after a well-dressed demon doll shocked New York City train commuters, the creator of WerePups sets the record straight.
Over a period of just a few months their company Mechanical Dreams VR -- housed by the University of Washington and the start-up incubator CoMotion -- is producing over half a dozen projects as ambitious as they are varied.
As per the legend, the seventh born son or daughter of an Argentinian family would be born accursed, doomed to turn into a deformed mythical werewolf-like creature that'll reveal itself on the child's 13th birthday. The creature, called El Lobison or El Lobizon, would from then on feed on excrement, babies and fresh corpses.
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Other media outlets, including UPI.com, the New York Daily News, BuzzFeed and HuffPost UK reported that the president adopted
When you were a kid, you thought that monsters only lived under your bed. But as we've recently reported here on The Huffington
While Hager splits her time between Los Angeles and Canada, she's still a country girl at heart, so it's not a hardship that
2. The idea that lycanthropy is transmitted from the bite of another werewolf is a fairly recent popular culture concept
A considerable body of scholarly work seeks to explain what might have created the folklore of the vampire or Nosferatu -- a name that comes from the Greek nosophoros, or plague-carrier.
With the recent success of shows like Ancient Aliens and films such as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it's safe to assume
The premise of Syfy's BBC remake Being Human, back for a second season January 16th, might sound like the beginning of a joke but the show takes itself deadly seriously.
The downside? Well, it's on the high-end of facial rejuvenation injections because, compared to other facial injections, it
Turns out that the Halloween costumes of today are based on legends from all over the world. Fear is contagious and stories
Diseases aren't any fun for the person who has them, but certain kinds have side benefits that can be attractive to others
Glen Duncan, author of The Last Werewolf, names his top four werewolf movies: Read more on usatoday.com
On the way to the county jail, deputies say Stroup apologized. The young man admitted he drank too much vodka and blacked
The London Book Fair has overtaken its rival in Frankfurt as the destination of choice for Hollywood scouts looking for books
The Twilight Saga: New Moon opened last night, and already swarms of movie goers have packed theaters to see the continuing