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Shonda Rhimes and others share the advice they learned the hard way.
Army veteran Wes Moore explains.
And what to ask instead.
Whenever I talk with teachers and leaders of high-performing schools with large populations of children of color and children from low-income families, I am always struck by the strength of their belief that their students can meet high standards.
New York is home of 9/11, but it's also home to both a mayor and governor who seem more disconnected and insulated from the veteran community that have served it before and after that tragic day.
I have never served in our nation's military. My father served in the Navy during the Korean War but completed his service long before I was born. He never spoke about his experiences. I never asked. It was just not on my radar.
In his new PBS series "Coming Back with Wes Moore," Army veteran Wes Moore explores the often painful process of returning
"A lot of the common perception of veterans is that these are robots," he said. "A lot of the time you think veterans are
West Moore joins Marc to explain why female veterans are more likely to be homeless.
This video is part of a series of interviews with speakers, attendees and panelists at The Aspen Ideas Festival, produced
One day, my hero was there. The next he'd vanished. One day my mother was in a loving relationship with the man of her dreams
It is a feeling of unbelievable joy. We have all felt it, at one time or another. For me, it is at its most palpable in a
Roberts emphasized his plan with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to improve the lowest performing 5 percent of schools while closing
The 2010 Honors Institute at Chapman University in Orange, CA was an intense, week-long study of "The Democratization of Information: Power, Peril, and Promise."
Wes Moore, a former White House Fellow and the author of the new book "The Other Wes Moore," came on Morning Joe today to
Will Wes Moore definitely be president? No one can say. But I would be very happy to see him as one of our public leaders.