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The Trump administration has made no secret of its disdain for strict prohibitions on sexual assault and harassment.
Education provides people concrete opportunities to overcome real circumstances of poverty or oppression.
A Wesleyan University student questions assumptions on gender and identity with project.
The piece was published in the Wesleyan University newspaper after a student wrote an op-ed critical of Affleck and Lonergan.
When Alexander Hamilton's generation considered higher education, many believed it was crucial that students not think they already knew at the beginning of their studies where they would end up when it was time for graduation.
Graduation ceremonies are inspiring, and yesterday's was particularly so. As the seniors departed, I was hopeful that all our graduates, whatever their majors and plans for the future, learned three broad things while they were in college.
In today's climate of renewed economic anxiety, many are prompted to jettison this tradition of pragmatic liberal education. In search of short cuts to vocational success, they undermine students' ability to respond to changes in the economy by preparing them only for what is valued right now.
Fears of being crushed by debt or of falling off the economic ladder are pressuring students to conform, and we must find ways to counteract these pressures or we risk undermining our scientific productivity as well as our broad cultural creativity.
"I thought: I need to do something where I can reclaim this space and just exist," Karmenife Paulino explained.
For whatever reason, we believe that those who sleep the least are the smartest, the hardest-working - the ones who will go on to be immensely rich and successful. But why do we celebrate the students who can't effectively manage their time?