The year 2017 was strange. Full of surprises. Maybe the most significant and least noticed one came at the very end. Let
More than 26,000 firefighters are currently fighting blazes across the West.
The West is in relative decline, especially compared to Asia, but no obvious alternative "system" has emerged.
Defending against right-wing populism requires standing up for democratic values.
Emmanuel Macron breathes fresh air into the stagnating cause of European unity.
Terrorism will in time consume the world, unless numerous parties admit inconvenient truths.
Ryan Zinke's oil-friendly order "might just have landed the decisive blow" against the imperiled bird, a conservationist said.
The biggest political risk is moving from the undeniable truth that globalization could work better to the false conclusion that we are better off without it.
In Steve Bannon's defense, he has not literally beheaded any journalists.
A de-escalation of cold war rhetoric and belligerent actions between the U.S. and Russia should lead to a more productive
The truth is there are no haunted worlds but only haunted minds.
Reversing the globalization we see today will lead to shrinking growth rates in the West, as well as in emerging economies. There are better solutions.